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  • Epic Battle FantasyEpic Battle FantasyTurn-based flash fighting games have been getting more popular lately, but often embrace large file sizes and long loading times. Epic Battle Fantasy achieves success by emulating a Final Fantasy style fighting system with lots of unique attacks and abilities available, while keeping the file size down. In addition to having lots of colourful enemies each with their own attack animations, there are also many interesting bosses to defeat with particular weaknesses.
  • A Crow In HellA Crow In HellShot by a farmer off a perch down into a deep well. Are you alive or dead? Can you find your way out of this well? Carefully attempt to fly out of the well by avoiding walls and obstacles. Collect the keys along the way to unlock challenges.
  • SpongeBob SnowpantSpongeBob SnowpantPush the snowball around in as much snow as possible to make some snowbobs..

  • PinheadzPinheadzKnock down as many pins as possible. Try to score a strike!
  • Iron ShinobiIron ShinobiIron Shinobi combines elements of a side-scrolling fighting game with the story of a RPG adventure. Great artwork, numerous unique characters, fun fighting system, and addictive gameplay make this one of the best free flash fighting adventure games available. Unlike some other flash RPG's which utilize a turn-based fighting system, Iron Shinobi has a much more interactive, real-time fighting system. Start by choosing one of three main characters which each have a unique fighting style and special abilities. Battle your way through the missions while building your experience and character attributes.
  • Customize Your WatchCustomize Your Watch Design and create the watch of your dreams.
  • Kick UpsKick UpsClick on the ball and don't let it drop!
  • Eenie BounceEenie Bounce Bounce on bounce pads and avoid touching the ground until you've grabbed every star.
  • Shopping Dress Up 3Shopping Dress Up 3She is going out for a shopping trip; but what should she wear?
  • Governor of PokerGovernor of Poker Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money.
  • Scooby's Lawn-Mowing ChallengeScooby's Lawn-Mowing ChallengeKnow where to mow! Match the pattern at the right time to mow the pattern on the grass field! Mow the pattern accurately or the game is over!

  • That WayThat WayPhysics puzzle, move shapes to get the smiley to the stars.
  • Naruto SnowboardingNaruto Snowboardinghelp naruto to collect as many stars as possible and avoid stones and other obstacles while you perform some tricks.
  • Muck About Cupid & FateMuck About Cupid & FateBounce Cupid and collect all of the items at the top of the screen.
  • HelicoptergameHelicoptergameControl your helicopter as long as you can, avoiding all obstacles.
  • Circus of Idiots - TrapezeCircus of Idiots - TrapezeWelcome to the Circus of Idiots, arguably the worst circus in the world. Control the worlds worst trapeze artist, to complete as many jumps across the trapeze as possible. You score for each successful jump. Make sure you time your jumps perfectly though, or this may very well be his final act.
  • Lilly HopLilly Hop30 levels of jumping from lilly pad to lilly pad without landing on the same one twice.
  • Goldfish BowlGoldfish BowlIn this amazingly addictive fishing game you have to catch the most valuable objects with the hook of the fisherman as it swings back and forth. Tons of different levels with challenging puzzles and pretty fish. Is it champagne and caviar for you or is it an old rubber tire that is your destiny?The fishing hook swings back and forth. Catch the valuable items by sending down the hook at the right time. It will catch the first object it connects to. If you catch the same type of object several times in a row the score is increased. Click in the aquarium area or press the Down Arrow on your keyboard to send the hook down. It will always travel in it's current angle. To use the Extra fishing line press the Up Arrow. The Sturgeon fish will drop caviar cans when you hit it. Try and hit it several times before it disappears again. The Blowfish explodes on impact and will destroy any nearby objects.
  • Alfie's North Pole AdventureAlfie's North Pole AdventureAlfie the elf needs to find Santa's hat before Christmas! On his quest he encounters a polar bear in a snow cave, a warehouse of old toys and Santa's secret workshop.
  • Pool ProfiPool ProfiPop all the red balls into the pockets. Use the mouse to control the direction and the speed of the white ball.
  • 3D Mahjong3D MahjongRemove all pairs of tiles from the board.
  • Space Cruiser 77Space Cruiser 77Space Cruiser 77 is an arcade shoot 'em up flash game.

  • Escape Christmas RoomEscape Christmas RoomSolve the puzzle and try to escape from this Christmas room.
  • Shoot The VillainsShoot The VillainsEarn points by shooting all the villains. The game gets over if the villains strikes you.

  • Santas QuestSantas Quest Match at least three items for christmas by dragging your mouse to slide and match with the right item.
  • Spartans To The RescueSpartans To The RescueYour people are arrested and is being killed, use your weapon to save them, please be quickly because time is limited, show your skill and courage in the Spartans game.Click and drag Robin's hand to draw the bow and aim the arrow. shoot the rope but be careful not to shoot the peasants.

  • Homerun in Berzerk LandHomerun in Berzerk LandWelcome to Berzerk Land! Its play ball time and the Berzerk Crew is ready to teach Comeau the nerd a good lesson! Bash the hell out of this geek all the way through Berzerk Land, earn money to buy new gear and gain experience to increase the power of your character! Rack up big scores, submit them and show the world what you have got!
  • Sort My Tiles Flint LockwoodSort My Tiles Flint Lockwood A scientist that has spent his entire life creating inventions that were unwanted or faulty, which doesn't help his struggle to try and see eye to eye with his dad. Finally while trying to solve world hunger he develops a method to directly convert water into food and releases the effects on the world. Hunger is eliminated as weather delivers food, but a problem of global proportions soon evolves when the food weather machine that Flint invented develops a mind of its own.
  • Boxer GirlBoxer Girl A boxer has to be strong, but that doesn't mean she's not a pretty woman.
  • Scuba JojoScuba Jojo Gather all the diamonds. Go up to the surface to breathe.
  • Garlic BreadGarlic BreadGarlic bread typically consists of bread topped with garlic and olive oil. It is then either grilled or broiled until toasted or baked in an oven. It is sometimes used as an accompaniment to pasta and other Italian dishes.

  • ArenaArena Arena is a future sports game. Fight against computer robot.
  • Distress SignalDistress SignalStarship Ironside is on a journey of exploration and is suddenly being sabotaged and forced to crash on a planet on the far side of Triangulum Galaxy. This seems to be a desperate situation, especially when the inhabitants of the planet are hostile and a mysterious member of the ship doesn't even want you to survive. But not for you! For you this is an opportunity to earn yourself a medal.

  • Rat Maze 2Rat Maze 2Help the little rat find various types of tasty cheese hidden in the maze!
  • Match MeMatch MePut your brain to the test with this fun, colorful card matching game. Match Me is a memory game consisting of 6 rows of 6 cards totaling 36 cards altogether featuring an aquatic theme. The 36 cards are split into pairs, so there are 18 pairs in the deck. Test your skills and see if you can beat the clock and discover all 18 pairs before time runs out.
  • Lets MakeLets Make Give this Asian chic the makeover she deserves.
  • My Shop Dress UpMy Shop Dress UpChoose two girls, dress them up in everyday clothes and see how they look!
  • Twist & ShootTwist & ShootThis twist on peg-shooting games will turn the genre on its head!
  • Trick Hoops ChallengeTrick Hoops ChallengeChallenge the toughest basketball players and defeat them on the street, at their own game.
  • 4th Of July Colorworks4th Of July ColorworksWhat a magical day, food, fun, friends and it all leads up to the best part... fireworks! Envision the perfect scene!

  • Save the ChicksSave the Chicks Help the hen to save the chicks from the eagles by moving the hen around the chicks.
  • Rescue The BandRescue The BandPursue the kidnappers and rescue the band.
  • Robot Wants PuppyRobot Wants Puppy Robot got Kitty. Now he wants a puppy! He'll need Kitty's help to achieve his lofty aim.
  • Girl In The Mirror 2Girl In The Mirror 2Swept your man out of his feet again.