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Wedding Dress Up for Halloween
Santa skiing board get Noel gifts
Baby Twins Dress Up
Andy's Pizza Shop
Girl With Her Monkey
My Little Cookie Kitchen
Shape In Gap
Camp Fire Bon Fire
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Cool Kid Dress Up
Cooking Doll

Juegos 400

  • The Great Indian HoneymoonThe Great Indian HoneymoonDodge the annoying relatives and fly to your dream-land with your dream man… err… or woman. Use your MOUSE to play. Click on objects around the rooms to make events happen. Some events can be triggered by clicking on two or more different objects. Some objects will get stored in the Inventory Panel, click on these objects to use them.There are 6 levels in this game.
  • st patricks sweetheartst patricks sweetheartSaint Patricks Day is here! Dress up the cute Irish girl Sara in green so she does not get pinched at school!
  • SteppenWolf (Chapter 4 - Episode 4)SteppenWolf (Chapter 4 - Episode 4)SteppenWolf is descending in the deep blue. Unknown to him, the Dagger League has sabotage the propulsion mechanism, Can SteppenWolf fix the propulsion, face the karken, and return in time to save Meg?

  • Fat PiggyFat PiggyThis pig might not fly...but it definitely gets some air!
  • Red Cross RushRed Cross RushDriving an ambulance is da shizzle—even more so if it has monster wheels!!
  • Sub CommanderSub Commander Take control of a submarine and navigate your way through rocky seabed, icebergs, floating mines, depth charges and enemy sub!
  • Baby Animal ShelterBaby Animal ShelterPamper these bouncing bundles of joy—then release them back into the wild!
  • Make A Dream like DollMake A Dream like Doll Let's make a romanticize dreamlike doll! From eyes, hair to dresses and shoes. You can change what you want. It is definitely super beautiful.
  • Remote ControlRemote ControlMove the remote toward the TV, change the channel, and don't get caught!
  • Fortunate Mother Dress UpFortunate Mother Dress Up Dressup this pretty expecting girl in trendy outfits such as cool coats, sexy dresses and more. Have fun and print your results... it's easy!
  • Leona the LionessLeona the LionessLeona is a very kind and nice lioness and also very fashionable. Today she is taking a walk in the forest, picking flowers and enjoying the beautiful, sunny day. Choose a nice outfit for her as well as some matching accessories.
  • Braap RacingBraap RacingYou've got to beat the clock and the other racers to score well!
  • Arithmetic GameArithmetic GameIn this game you need to complete a equation by picking filling in numbers from a grid of numbers. The equation becomes longer and harder as the game advances. The faster you complete the equation, the higher the score you get.
  • Winx Flora BelievixWinx Flora BelievixHelp Winx Club Flora find all the flowers. Avoid obstacles like clouds or insects and collects hearts and drops for bonuses.
  • Lucky CardLucky CardIn this game there will be a grid of 24 cards. You will be given some time to remember the 24 cards and then the cards will be shuffled and dealt out again. The cards will be opened one by one and each time you will need to guess whether the next card is ranked lower or higher than the previous card. If you can remember the cards correctly then you will have a better chance to guess the ranks correctly. The game ends if you guess wrong 3 times. If you can make consecutive correct guesses, then you can get higher scores.
  • My Little Pony Friendship BallMy Little Pony Friendship Ball Every year the ponies celebrate their friendship at a magical ball. Choose a scene and decorate it for this magical ball.
  • I Wanna Play BrickI Wanna Play BrickPlay a game of bricks with Obama.
  • Fruit Defense 2Fruit Defense 2Protect your village from the invasion of pests in 100 days. 10 boss battles and a super boss. Use over 50 tools, products, upgrades and power ups. Dress-up your fruit tree fruit research and future! Use your strategy to destroy the pest insects carry.
  • Flip FruitFlip FruitFlip these fruit 'til they're ready to scoot!
  • Jetpack MissionJetpack Mission Strap yourself in and get ready to launch. Propel trough the levels, using your airbrakes when necessary to make a safe landing.
  • Smurf DinnerSmurf DinnerI think that almost all kids have heard of Smurfs Restaurant where is the best food in the town and who is the fastest serving by all restaurants. You have to help the Smurf waiter to serve all customers in a short time and collect more money to go to the next level. With the money you earn you can buy various upgrades that will help you to serve clients in more difficult levels more quickly.
  • Cookies WrapCookies WrapYou are in the need to earn money by packing the festival cookies! Prepare cookies and pack the requested number of cookies quickly.

  • SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 1SteppenWolf Chapter 3 Episode 1 Trap in the elevator, McAllister is shot! His dying words speak of a "red drawer". Help Meg find the mysterious drawer which contains the mini-disc and fight Donovan's henchman!
  • Sweet 16 DressesSweet 16 DressesTry a collection of dresses appropriate for her age.She's so sweet, gentle in these beautiful dresses. Try it out and decide which one is best for her for the party this night.
  • Spot the Difference with Lea Lilou and LeeSpot the Difference with Lea Lilou and Lee Complete all the levels in our new spot the difference game.
  • Rotten EggsRotten EggsThrow rotten eggs at the villains!

  • Batman Beyond Dress up DollBatman Beyond Dress up Doll Time out from the action and enjoy dressing up this girl from Batman and customize her hair, eyes , skin and choose the dress that best shows your personality. Enjoy!
  • Birds TownBirds Town Match the types of bird to the right place in the line in order to make them fly away.
  • Hidden Numbers-Dolphin TaleHidden Numbers-Dolphin TaleHidden Numbers-Dolphin Tale is another point and click hidden object game from gamesperk. Analyze your observation skill by finding out the hidden numbers in the Dolphin Tale pictures.
  • The WokThe WokThe Wok needs to be protected and kept safe. Go on an adventure to keep the Wok safe.
  • Zombie School Defense 2Zombie School Defense 2In the shooting game Zombie School Defend you have to protect your school against invading zombies. Kill zombies for cash to upgrade your gear and buy new weapons. Try to survive as long as possible.

  • Fortress GuardianFortress GuardianProtect your people and your city walls from the evil clan of orcs. Accumulate gold and points to upgrade your weapons and your skills.
  • Road Of FuryRoad Of FuryIn the post-apocalyptic wasteland, a cynical drifter agrees to help a small, gasoline rich, community escape a band of bandits. Wish you fun!
  • GunbloodGunbloodGunblood is an addictive western shootout. Mission of the game is to become the most feared gunslinger by defeating all marksmen in one-on-one gun fights. Place your mouse over the gun chamber, wait 3 seconds, and when the countdown reaches FIRE, shoot your opponent as fast as you can. Wish you fun!
  • Maganic Wars 2Maganic Wars 2Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.
  • The Lost WorldThe Lost WorldTravel through the Lost World to discover a new reason for collecting currency!
  • ConcentricsConcentrics Concentrics is a not-so-typical mouse avoider game. Instead of controlling the player you also control the world around it!
  • Uncharted 2 Among ThievesUncharted 2 Among Thieves A sidescroller off of the upcoming PS3 title of the same name. Shoot enemies, explode barrels & more
  • Wings Of GenesisWings Of GenesisSlay monsters and demons as you ride your spirit beast and upgrade your level skill.

  • Terrorist Hunt v1 0Terrorist Hunt v1 0 Kill all terrorists as they pop up.
  • Slice Fortress DefenseSlice Fortress DefenseFight hordes of monsters trying to scale your Fortress walls.

  • S.A.M SiteS.A.M SiteShoot down the missiles coming to destroy your city.

  • IronMan 2 : The SecretIronMan 2 : The SecretDo you love Ironman Movie? Find the secret points on the pictures.Play it right now!

  • Cheetah FunCheetah FunHave some fun with this cute feline, the cheetah and drop the gifts on one another. Make sure you don't drop them on the sides or you'll loose lives and the game will end. Achieve the target score to advance to the next level. Enjoy!