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Wedding Dress Up for Halloween
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Girl With Her Monkey
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Cool Kid Dress Up
Cooking Doll
Kitchen 3d Decoration

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  • Kids Play ParkKids Play ParkMs Suzy's aunt owns Kids Play Park. Aunt knows how much suzy loves kids and so she put her in charge of the play park to take care of little ones.At present the park has few play sets. Help suzy to take care of the adorable kids who visits the play park and make it popular. You can unlock new play sets and powerups as you progress through levels.
  • Shrek Forever After SimilaritiesShrek Forever After Similarities Identify the similarities in the two different images and click the similar object to get it confirmed. You get 50 points for every click that is correct and lose 25 points for every click that is wrong.
  • Sonic in GradenSonic in Graden Sonic is in the garden swarming with the enemies. Throw an apple at flying ones and jump on the crawling ones to kill. Avoid the enemies poison and your own apples as they can hurt you too. You have 5 lives, sometimes you can catch life bonus. There are 20 levels and each level is harder than the previous one. To pass to the next level you should kill all enemies.
  • Cowgirl UpCowgirl UpSky Breeze has gone country! She's loving the cowgirl life style and wants to show it through her western styled wardrobe. This game is full of adorable cowgirl clothing - can you help her look stylish and cool?
  • Halloween Swap PuzzleHalloween Swap PuzzleHave fun eliminating at least three equal figures. Make click with the mouse in two pieces to change them from place. Pass to the following levels and show how quick you are moving the puzzle pieces.

  • Hooded StyleHooded StyleTry different hooded fashion style.

  • BoxezBoxezDrop as many gems as possible shooting up to 3 balls at them. Touch the screen or click to shoot. The shoot power is bigger the further you touch or click from the ball.
  • Watch OutWatch Out Try to evade all the falling boulders!
  • Super Next AtumnSuper Next Atumn Dress and prepare this girl for Autumn Season.
  • My TerritoryMy Territory Conquer the city with supernatural powers! Pick a hero and battle enemies to level up. Choose your attacks wisely, my warrior friend.
  • Hyper VaultHyper Vault It's called Hyper Vault and offers a quick and addictive pole vaulting experience.
  • Rolley!Rolley!Put your fingers and your mind to the ultimate test! Help Rolley light up all the tiles on each of the 24 tracks, while avoiding various dangers. Are you up to the challenge?

  • Arithmetic ChallengeArithmetic Challenge Finish all 10 races in the quickest time possible. Position is very important, good positions are rewarded well. 1st position will be given an upgrade, 2nd position will allow you to proceed to the next level without upgrades. If you finish 3rd you will have to restart the race, this time will be added to your overall time. Avoid this at all cost, this is the biggest time penalty.Upgrades include speed, acceleration and steering. You will need to try different combinations to suite your style to win the game.
  • Zombies Dead LandZombies Dead LandZombies Dead Land is an exciting shooting type fighting game where you have to fight against deadly zombies and survive in each level by reaching the checkpoint. You and your partner noticed something weird on a land and planned to take them down, but things were not easy as you both thought because the number of zombies are huge and they are all set to finish you. Select your character and start the dangerous journey. Shoot safes to get useful items. Upgrade your weapons to make things easy in later challenges. Clear all levels and win the battle against zombies. Publisher:
  • Galactic WarriorGalactic WarriorDefeat the Aliens to get to the Galactic Big Boss.
  • ArrangerArrangerArranger is a physics-based stacking game, your goal is to build a shape which is marked with the borderline with all the given blocks by dragging them around.
  • Antiquities StorehouseAntiquities StorehouseThere are several valuable items in this antiquities storehouse but for the ancient vase costs most on black market. Fix the vase and escape before it's too late...
  • Banja BandBanja BandClick on the characters and hear them play their instruments!
  • Musical NotesMusical NotesIn this game you play the note that appears on the staff. At first the notes will be simple notes that spans only one ocatve with no sharps and flats, as the game progresses more difficult notes will be presented and the frequency of appearance of the notes will also increase. You can test your fluency with musical notes in this game.
  • MothsMothsExplore the machine preventing moths from getting into the gas-lamps, keep the fire burning.

  • SeppukutiesSeppukutiesSeppukuties adventure game animals. Are you in the game to help the animals gather fruit and the key to open the next level in this adventure.
  • Village FunVillage FunYou have discovered new territories with fertile soil and reach nature. It is time to start building your own cosy village! First you have to build roads, rivers and trees. After that add houses and increase your population. Then you can occupy yourself with gardens, barns, schools and whatever comes to your mind. Have fun!
  • Coke Zero Classic FootballCoke Zero Classic FootballYou control the bright red blip with your arrow keys. Score touchdowns by gaining 100 yards.

  • Hidden Alphabets - SimpsonHidden Alphabets - SimpsonAssess your observing skill by finding the hidden alphabets which are in Simpson pictures.

  • Dragon Ball Z Dress UpDragon Ball Z Dress Up Dress up and create your own customized Dragon Ball Z character. Make him look as cool as possible.
  • Smiley UpSmiley UpPlace items on the stage. Don't let smiley down.Use your objects to keep the happy face from touching the sad faces.

  • Popstar Bratz gamePopstar Bratz gameThe Bratz are in concert tonight! The fans are crazy to see them on the stage and they expect the best as always. Help The Bratz to find the perfect outfit, apply her makeup to look beautiful under the lights, then choose from amazing brilliant dresses and scene accesories. They're now ready for the show!
  • 4 Seasons Easy Truck4 Seasons Easy TruckDrive your truck and collect stars until you reach the finish line.

  • Midnight SnacksMidnight SnacksThe tummy wants what the tummy wants...
  • Fly MeowFly MeowMeow saw the love in her eyes, just before she got on car… and it is impossible for him to catch up with a car! But it seems he won\’t give up so fast!
  • Skid MKSkid MK Race around the track in this pixelated 3D racing game. Grab pickups to win against AI drivers.
  • Farm FunFarm Fun Run your own farm. Plant some vegetable or fruit, or sell the chicken eggs.
  • Legion of Superheroes HypergridLegion of Superheroes Hypergrid Swap tiles to create matching sets of 3 or more.
  • Britains Best BrainBritains Best Brain Train all the areas in your brain with different types of exercises such as calculations, memory, coordination
  • Christmas Toons HS GameChristmas Toons HS GameChristmas Toons HS is another point and click hidden objects game from Stars are hidden everywhere in the Christmas Toons pictures.Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.
  • Fire And Bombs 2Fire And Bombs 2Place bombs and try to blow up your all your opponents.

  • ShumojongShumojongMatch the tiles to add up to the asked number and play all your tiles away from the board.
  • The Pool InvasionThe Pool Invasion Play 3 mini games with Zack and Cody.
  • Magic TouchMagic Touch In this game you will have to avoid the robots from breaking into your castle. Destroy the robots draw the signs from the balloons.
  • Love TesterLove TesterAre you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!
  • Naos ShanghaiNaos Shanghai Play a cool and fun mahjong game.
  • Great GameGreat Game Can you figure out what to do at each new scene in this game as it comments itself?
  • Soccer BallsSoccer Balls Soccer Balls is not a normal soccer game. In this physics game you have to use teamwork to hit the referee with the ball and get a red card. Try to complete all 36 levels with 3 stars.
  • Ski SimSki Sim Gain momentum on your skis as you perform tricks off of jumps. Earn points to progress to new levels.