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Wedding Dress Up for Halloween
Santa skiing board get Noel gifts
Baby Twins Dress Up
Andy's Pizza Shop
Girl With Her Monkey
My Little Cookie Kitchen
Shape In Gap
Camp Fire Bon Fire
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Cool Kid Dress Up
Cooking Doll

Juegos 2000

  • Crazy Heart SimilaritiesCrazy Heart Similarities Identify the difference in the two different images and click the similar object to get it confirmed. You get 50 points for every click that is correct and lose 25 points for every click that is wrong. All the Best!
  • Find the Objects Furniture ShopFind the Objects Furniture Shop Find the objects which are hidden inside with in 10 min. Click over the objects to get points. You will lose points for making mistakes.
  • Cheerleader First KissCheerleader First Kiss A young guy is practicing for a football game and during a time out, a cheerleader who is in complete love with him asks him to kiss her. He of course agrees because she is his type of girl. Be really careful to not be caught by his coach because he will not be really happy about that.
  • Teacher Class TripTeacher Class TripField trip! Who says learning isn't fun?
  • Prince and Princess ElopePrince and Princess ElopeUse the prince and princess in tandem to pass the levels.
  • Beautiful StoreBeautiful Store Go with these three girls to the store and help them buy cool fashions!
  • Glassez 2Glassez 2This game is the 2nd addition of the famous puzzle Glassez! Play over 180 absolutely new fascinating levels designed entirely by our users!

  • Pet Hairstyle DesignPet Hairstyle DesignPet hairstyle design is a fun pet game for girls. You are running this pet hair salon. Customers take their pets to your salon. Please design cute hairstyles for these pets and take pictures for them! Enjoy!

  • Cute Dance CompetitionCute Dance CompetitionKelli is a young girl who is competing in a dance competition at her school. She is very excited - she has practiced hard and knows she can win the crown! She wants win the title Miss Cute Dance 2011. Can you help her with her costume so she can stand out in the crowd? The perfect dress is necessary for the competition.
  • Paris Hilton DressupParis Hilton Dressup She's hot and sexy so better dress her perfectly.
  • The RocketeerThe RocketeerFire your homing missiles as you destroy generators and rocket jump over gaps and up walls.

  • Load Up And KillLoad Up And Kill A quick game of finding out how to load the weapon and then killing the prisoner. Short, but gorey.
  • Daruma GameDaruma GameSteady…steady…no hits to the face!
  • Penguin HeaderPenguin HeaderThe chocolates inside the bubbles keeps falling down constantly.By making the penguin to hit the falling balls, Your score gets increased with the number of bubbles that you burst. You lose a life when you miss a ball and your games ends when all lifegets exhausted. The speed of the fall of chocolates increases for each level.Complete all the levels successfully before you lose all your life.

  • Monkey Lander MiniclipMonkey Lander MiniclipThe aim is to collect all the bananas and land safely on the platform before your fuel runs out.
  • Red FlowersRed FlowersTurn all gray flowers into red ones. Clicking on a flower will toggle itself and adjacent ones. Plan your moves carefully 28 challenging levels
  • CannonmanCannonman Launch out of the cannon as you grab powerups and earn money to upgrade your ability to fly farther.
  • Peppy s Kate Winslet Dress UpPeppy s Kate Winslet Dress Up Help our Titanic star to rise in the red carpet.
  • Atom HeartAtom HeartWhat's even more awesome than stunt riding? Zombie-killing stunt riding.
  • Chicken Run GameChicken Run Game Collect all the coins and avoid the bad wolfs!
  • Pet Home Designer Monkey ParklandPet Home Designer Monkey Parkland A monkey paradise, built by your own two hands!
  • Zombie SoccerZombie Soccer Play soccer and try not to get caught by other zombies. Don't let them touch if you haven't got any power.
  • Tribe SniperTribe Sniper Shoot down the tribes who are about to kill you. Find them with the help of sniper lens.
  • Happy DaysHappy DaysIt\’s the peak of the holiday season and the holiday resorts are bustling! As the Chief Redcoat, you must help guests to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. Don\’t keep them waiting – your reputation as a Redcoat is on the line!
  • Donut DanceDonut DanceRemember the last donut location and tap the bear. This game is played with mouse only.
  • Red Storm 2 - SurvivalRed Storm 2 - SurvivalPower up your mech and run and gun all the enemies as you attach more guns and armor to your mech.

  • Warbears Adventures - An A.R. X-MasWarbears Adventures - An A.R. X-MasTalk to Bob the shop keeper as you find the Christmas items you want. Click around to progress.
  • Super KoalaSuper Koala How much time do you need before you and Super Koala beat all your enemies.
  • Gold Miner Holiday HaulGold Miner Holiday Haul Grab as many gold and Christmas presents as you can in this seasonal Miner-game.
  • The Mote Pisa Total BuysThe Mote Pisa Total Buys Move one spare at a time horizontal or vertical to line up 3 or more icons of the same color.
  • Death NoteDeath Note L or Raito? Who are you going to follow? It's a dating game! Just follow whoever you like better and try to interact with them nicely by clicking the better choices to win them over!
  • Hidden FootballHidden FootballFootballs are hidden all around the place! Shoot the footballs with archer's bow and arrows.

  • Bone CatcherBone Catcher Help the hungry dog jump and catch the bones. If the dog catches a bigger bone, the score double, which depends on the number of smaller bones caught earlier.
  • Retromania 1985Retromania 1985 Design your ship and then fly it and shoot the incoming enemies. Grab powerups and destroy bosses.
  • Strike it 2Strike it 2aim at the score board, make higher bounces for higher score.specify the number of bounces you`ll make and aim to the center of the score board.
  • Snow StrikerSnow StrikerThe bullies are here to get you: these kids are mean, and you need to show them what a snow war means!
  • Didi Ice CreamDidi Ice CreamDidi ice creams serve while it's still cold and also serve other sweet treats too.
  • Caroline Find The NumbersCaroline Find The Numbers This game uses images from Coraline animated movie. You need to find numbers hidden in these images. The list of all numbers in in the right hand side. Find all numbers from the list and click on them to pass to the next picture.
  • 2Mazed2MazedCan you do 2 mazes at the same time while fighting bad guys? Prove it with this 2mazing labyrinth game!
  • Marine Life Picture MatchingMarine Life Picture MatchingA funny easy game, more marine life in the sea, this game use cartoon pictures,you can pick up the same objects.
  • Kissing During WorkKissing During WorkWait until your boss turns his back and kiss your colleague for as long as you can!
  • Santa's X-Mas GiftSanta's X-Mas GiftHelp the santa to collect the gifts by shooting at the gift boxes. Remember that you have only limited fire balls. Use those fire balls wisely to go through higher levels. The springs and the ice paths will help you complete certain levels.
  • Soccer BowlSoccer BowlShooting twelve yard shots has never been quite as fun! Set the direction, the pitch and the power of your shot at the bottom of the field and try to hit all the players that are standing in front of the goal before your time is up. Good luck!

  • Granny Strikes BackGranny Strikes BackAn epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements. Help Granny with special agent skills to clean her forest from hordes of extraterrestrial snowmen trying to steal Granny\’s most beloved raspberry jam.