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Wedding Dress Up for Halloween
Santa skiing board get Noel gifts
Baby Twins Dress Up
Girl With Her Monkey
My Little Cookie Kitchen
Shape In Gap
Camp Fire Bon Fire
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Cool Kid Dress Up
Cooking Doll
Kitchen 3d Decoration

Juegos 1000

  • Apple Pie WontonsApple Pie WontonsEnjoy cooking a very tasty dish.

  • KittensKittens Help kittens get in proper places.
  • SpeedbackSpeedbackReal American Football: strong-arm your way into the end zone!
  • BomberBlasticBomberBlasticWalking bombs with freaky fuses—(un)controlled demolition at its best!
  • Explorer BikeExplorer BikeRide through a fossil forest and explorer new fossils on your motorbike, but watch out that you won't fall.
  • Rainbow Bubble GumRainbow Bubble Gum Eliminate the chewing gums joining three or more with the same color. The game has 21 difficulty levels.
  • Charity Ball MakeoverCharity Ball MakeoverAnybody can participate at a charity event like the Charity Ball and the good news is that you, girls, don't have to go all the way to NYC to take part in a charity ball party. Organize your own charity ball, girls, inviting you over and enjoying a fun charity ball makeover! Get the elegance, glamour and glitter of the popular charity ball event with professional make up, hair styling and glamorous outfits, like the ones Hollywood celebrities wear at such charitable and fashionable events. Don't forget to prepare your face for make up with facial beauty lotions, creams and masks!
  • Finger FootyFinger FootyPlay Football with your fingers.

  • Zombie AvenueZombie AvenueIn this awesome zombie apocalypse destruction game, your mission is to destroy all buildings and zombies in the level. When you get anough money, you can upgrade your weapons to cause even more damage!
  • Escape The Games RoomEscape The Games RoomEscape the game room and free yourself from the mysterious house hidden far away in the mountains. Collect clues and solve puzzles by entering the right code combination to escape the room
  • Pyramid Solitaire Mummy's CursePyramid Solitaire Mummy's CurseSpooky version of this classic Pyramid Solitaire game. Combine two cards to a total value of 13. A King is 13 and can be played as a single card, a Queen is 12, a Jack is 11 and an Ace is worth 1 point. So combine a Queen with an Ace and a 7 with a 6. Click on more cards if you want to get new cards. Use the Temp Card Store to temporarily store a card from either the Pyramid or the open cards dealt.
  • Maddie s Snack EncounterMaddie s Snack Encounter Help the twins Shuffle Maddie' s snack display by using as special fishing rod.
  • Personal Shopper 3Personal Shopper 3Macy takes personal shopping to a new level as she helps coordinate the lives of the Henry family!
  • Game PopGame PopSling walnuts, pop apples, and feed your hedgehog to win!Pop as many apples as you can with the walnuts you're given each level. Move your mouse to aim and use the left mouse button to shoot. Keep a eye out for special apples. Some will help you, other will hinder your progress.
  • Cooker's GardenCooker's GardenThrow water balloons at chip and Dale.

  • Blocking KissingBlocking Kissing Your girlfriend is very angry with you and has started hitting you. Block yourself, while she tries to beat you, and kiss her passionately to set a romantic mood.
  • PatchworkzPatchworkz Each level presents you with an incomplete quilt, essentially a jig-saw puzzle with sections missing. A selection of patches sits at the bottom of the screen, and you finish the puzzle merely by dragging them one by one into the correct positions. However, the rules are the opposite of those for a regular jig-saw. Patches come in a wide variety of different shapes, and a piece will never match its neighbor in color or pattern. Therefore you must intuit, from the patchwork already in place, what the overall design of the puzzle is and how the new pieces must fit into it.
  • Book TowerBook TowerPile books for as high as you can.

  • RollRollUse the yellow ball to roll around popping and sinking the reds.
  • LiquidskinLiquidskin Bounce your marble off of boobies to give it enough height and distance to reach the target.
  • AbductionAbduction Upgrade your ship & abduct cows and rednecks into your UFO and grind them up for alien profit.
  • Hex FillHex FillConquer land and spread your domain across the entire map. Click a territory to change your land to that color and capture it. Plan your strategy and conquer the map in as few turns as possible for bonus points.
  • Bimmin 2Bimmin 2Bimmin's back, and he's still running...but this time he's got backup!
  • Penguin DestroyerPenguin Destroyer Launch grenades out of your cannon just right to explode physics objects and penguins.
  • MossMossUse all your escaping skills to get out of this mossy maze!
  • Ball Revamped 5 SynergyBall Revamped 5 Synergy The 5th (and final?) Ball Revamped game. This is a super cool game.
  • Voodoo Chronicles - The First SignVoodoo Chronicles - The First SignFind the differences and solve puzzles in this nice looking game. Few game genres mixed together.
  • Stunt Mania 3Stunt Mania 3 Stunt Mania 3 is finally here! 10 levels of awesome stunts! Can you get a gold medal on all of them?
  • Celebrity Memory GameCelebrity Memory GameMany people can remember faces. But how many people can remember faces when they appear just for a few microseconds on the computer screen? The answer is just a few. Check out this game and see whether you are one of those exceptional few.
  • World Class Chef PortugalWorld Class Chef Portugal Try some Portugese cuisine i your kithcen.
  • Kriegs CraftKriegs Craft Select your type of unit and the pathway to send it on as you try to defeat the enemy side.
  • Horse Jumping 2Horse Jumping 2You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!
  • Sextreme CatapultSextreme CatapultThis catapult's extreme! Fling yourself as far as you can. But try not to land on any unpleasant surprises.

  • Christmas Perfect MatchChristmas Perfect MatchShow off your memory skills with this matching game. Click the tiles to turn over them. Find as many tiles as you can and click the "Match" button. Use wild cards to get rid of cards you can't find a match for.
  • Midas MinerMidas MinerThis is the treasure hunter\’s dream - a mine full of jewels! In Midas Miner you have to switch the places of jewels to create rows and columns of same colour jewels. As the jewels you mine disappear, new jewels fall down from above. Plan to create valuable combinations and you might end up collecting all the money!The idea behind Midas Miner is to switch the places of two jewels to create rows and columns of 3 or more of the same jewel to clear them. As the jewels you clear disappear, new jewels fall down to fill their place. Clear as many jewels as you can within the time limit. To switch a pair of jewels you click on them with your left mouse button. As your click on the second jewel you they will automatically start to switch places. You can only switch jewels that are touching horizontally or vertically.
  • Summer SaladSummer SaladIts summer time! Make a tasty Summer Salad for for your boyfriend for lunch!
  • The Dark Crystal Find the AlphabetsThe Dark Crystal Find the AlphabetsAnalyze your power of observation by finding out the alphabets.
  • College U Fighting GameCollege U Fighting Game College University fighting extravaganza!
  • Frod The FrogFrod The Frog Frod felt in love, he need meet his loved one. But there are troubles along the way. Control Frod to jump and land on the right place to complete each level. Play 26 levels to help Frod meet his girlfriend!
  • Tree HouseTree HouseThis old tree in Jason's back yard is ready to host an awesome tree house. But first, you must give Jason a hand with choosing the coolest design and decorate the place around. For a cozier look, try adding some colorful furniture and toys.

  • Ben 10 Ambulance gameBen 10 Ambulance gamehelp Ben 10 to drive his ambulance in a challenging terrain.The Object of the game is to complete all levels
  • ClusterzClusterzFight the onslaught of bubbles!
  • Crafty SpaceCrafty SpaceBuild groups of asteroids and drag them around to destroy space junk. Get gifts for powerups. Wish you fun!
  • Melody of The HeartMelody of The HeartFind five differences on two pictures. Interesting game, the beautiful images, great hanging in your free time.