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Wedding Dress Up for Halloween
Santa skiing board get Noel gifts
Baby Twins Dress Up
Girl With Her Monkey
My Little Cookie Kitchen
Shape In Gap
Camp Fire Bon Fire
Homerun in Berzerk Land
Cool Kid Dress Up
Cooking Doll
Kitchen 3d Decoration

Juegos 1000

  • Indian OutlawIndian Outlaw Totally intense, some of the coolest insane gameplay on the planet.
  • Tank TacticsTank TacticsIt's not just about winning the war—it's about erasing the enemy's existence.
  • Candy CopterCandy CopterFlying a copter through candy land isn\\’t as sweet as it sounds!
  • Aapjes AppelsAapjes Appels Jump as high as possible and get all the apples from the tree!
  • copy-celebrity-looks-2copy-celebrity-looks-2 Copy the style of your favorite celebrity.
  • Orange JuiceOrange JuiceShoot the juice on the glass.

  • The Quest for the Golde...The Quest for the Golde...Help Harry the Hamster collect all the pieces of the Golden Wheel by guiding him through the maze and avoiding obstacles!
  • Stack CardsStack CardsDeal 'em out fast to create some Black Jack stacks!
  • Cube AttackCube AttackDestroy the cubes before they fall down the cliff! Click two or more similarly colored cubes to destroy them. You can also blow up boxes of TNT to destroy large chunks. Have fun!
  • Capt ZamboCapt Zambo Side scrolling shooter with great graphics. Watch out for mines and enemy fire.
  • Thanksgiving BowThanksgiving BowShoot the arrows to hit thanksgiving items with using limited number of arrows.Get the high score by reaching target in every level using limited number of arrows within given time duration.
  • Virtua WormVirtua Worm Move down the tunnel trying to grab as many objects as you can. Last as long as possible.
  • CalaverasCalaverasLike the classic bejeweled game with a creepy twist.Switch skulls to have 3 in a row to make points.
  • Hidden ShellsHidden ShellsFind and click on shells. Your goal is to find all 10 per image. Use the hint button if you need help.
  • Welcome 2012 HSWelcome 2012 HSWelcome 2012 HS is another point and click hidden objects game from Stars are hidden everywhere in the Welcome 2012 HS pictures.Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time.
  • Bushoe IncidentBushoe IncidentHit bush with a shoe.Use the mouse cursor to aim and shoot.
  • Buttefly FieldsButtefly FieldsIn the game there are a grid of butterflies, you have to free the butterflies by swapping them. The butterflies will be released if a line of 3 or more butterflies of the same kind are there. When some butterflies are released, new butterflies will be captured. You need to free butterflies as quickly as possible in order to advance to the next level.
  • Nyan Cat Match 3Nyan Cat Match 3The goal of the game is to get as many points in 90 seconds as possible. You swap Nyan Cats to form horizontal or vertical sets of the same color. The more Nyan Cats you can connect this way, the higher your score will be. Furthermore there are special stones as a reward if you can connect more then 3 Nyan Cats.
  • Carrot CatchCarrot Catch Help our Rabbit catch all the carrots and vegetables he needs.
  • grandma-s-kitchen-3grandma-s-kitchen-3 New of set of Grandma's dish just for you.
  • Carabao StrikesCarabao Strikes Find and match the same colored blocks by using your mouse button. Beware of the colored blocks because only the red one has additional points. If you hit on milk, cow's head and bread, you can also earn points.
  • Battalion: GhostsBattalion: GhostsTake control of the Akadian forces in a campaign to crush Tucker and the Federation.

  • Ship NavigationShip NavigationNavigate your ship through the maze to get to the next level.
  • Ren Stimpys Robin HoekRen Stimpys Robin Hoek Do battle with Ren and Stimpy in an ancient game of bows and pointy arrows. Last cartoon animal standing gets the win! And don't forget the bonus Chicken Shoot!
  • Six BugsSix BugsThe purpose of game to collect a maximum score. You should select some bugs of one color (from one up to six). When you will select the bug of other color the selected bugs will fly off, and you receive points. The more bugs will simultaneously fly off the more you will receive points.Time is limited. Bugs run fastly and fastly. You should be fast.
  • BleachBleach Bleach is looking good. It's one place no one would dare say anything against.
  • BeingGirl Dress UpBeingGirl Dress UpPick a girl, choose for her a new hairstyle, dress her up and send her out for a night out on the town!
  • Sky BoySky BoyMove around the building cleaning windows. Watch out for people opening windows, it will knock you down.

  • Cannibal CasseroleCannibal CasseroleFire rag dolls and interact with the environment. Fill all cannibal stew pots with one person.

  • JoJos Funny Farm ParadeJoJos Funny Farm Parade Help the clown round up all the animals before the time runs out.
  • Chiffon Dresses Dress UpChiffon Dresses Dress Up Dora prepares for a romantic date in a beautiful summer evening. She wants to look fabulous for her new boyfriend. She should be feminine and graceful for him! That's why she wants to wear one of her beautiful dresses, change her hairstyle and her look by using some makeup. To look perfect she needs the help of a talented girl like you! Help Dora prepare for a romantic evening! Decide what dress and accessories she should wear, choose a trendy hairstyle for her and make her up as chic and trendy as you can!
  • Fast TrackFast TrackMany Flash games are starting to look more like the 16-bit games for the Genesis or SNES, with complex backgrounds, better graphics, accurate physics, and fast full-stage movement. Fast Track is a great example of this evolution in the form of a fast-paced 3D racing game. Race against computer opponents on a wide range of tracks which need to be unlocked. Earn money by winning races to upgrade your car with new tires, engine, suspension and more.
  • Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter IISuper good classic game. This is a full version (but 1 player only) of Street Fighter 2. SNES emulated.
  • BubaFishBubaFish Casual friendly shoot and matching game with cute graphics and simple game play. Aim the turtle with the mouse and shoot out bubbles at fish. Bubble 2 at a time to score points and remove them from the screen.
  • Light HouseLight HouseYou think you are smart? Try this puzzle!
  • Word Search Gameplay 1 AsiaWord Search Gameplay 1 Asia Find out the word. Click on the starting letter of the word and drag the cursor over the word and release it on word;s last letter. Correct answer will be represented by a line.
  • Cupids CrushCupids Crush Quickly align 3 or more of the same objects horizontally or vertically by clicking on two adjacent game pieces to swap their positions. Align 3 or more diamonds to earn bonus points.
  • TechnoSuffTechnoSuff Go surfing through the world of techno!
  • Jungle Love StoryJungle Love StoryLove is in the air in the jungle. Place a kiss on the adventure boy and be sure not to get caught.
  • Monster High Frankie Stein HairstyleMonster High Frankie Stein HairstyleMeet Frankie Stein!She is the most friendly of all of the Monster High divas, although she sometimes is a little bit clumsy because parts of her body tend to fly. But let's face it, Frankie looks amazing at only 15 years old. Seems she got right all the fashion tricks right after reading many teen magazines. Her hairstyle is always fabulous, because the white and black high-lights from her mom make her unique. Also her green mint skin and the stitches and the neck bolts that are from her famous dad, Frankenstein. Lets have a sleepover and give Frankie a total makeover. Dye her hair in different colors, put on cool make up and find the most fabulous outfits for her. Also, don't forget to accessorize with some lightning bold earrings, some white and blue bracelets, her favorite and please, pretty please, let her hybrid puppy, Watzit to sleep in your room. OMG! You did an amazing job! Frankie Stein looks fabulous! Well done!
  • Vampire LoveVampire Love
  • Antiquities StorehouseAntiquities StorehouseThere are several valuable items in this antiquities storehouse but for the ancient vase costs most on black market. Fix the vase and escape before it's too late...
  • Powerpuff Girls ZombgonePowerpuff Girls Zombgone Shoot magic elements, watch out for magic bags and stop zombies by clicking on objects!
  • Field HockeyField HockeyField hockey game with selection of real world cup teams. Try to score as many goals and earn as many points in one minute + additional earned bonus time. First 4 shots are from a static position, after that you have to hit a moving ball passed from the left.